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Tax Resolution in St. Peters, MO

You are involved in a dispute about your taxes and you do not know where to turn. It is a complicated, confusing, and frightening time for you. Rely on our knowledgeable compassionate tax accountants for help. We specialize in providing tax resolution for individuals and businesses that want to find a workable solution to this financial dilemma.

Let us offer you the services of our Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents when you receive an IRS notice. Our tax accountant specialists can help you resolve this issue once and for all. We are experienced in dealing with tax issues, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, so our professionals understand the paperwork and what it means. We will work toward the best possible outcome for you.

What Is Tax Resolution?

Our process of tax resolution begins at the source of the problem. We start at the beginning and define the tax issues you are experiencing and plan a strategy for resolution of these issues. We specialize in developing manageable resolutions for our clients.

It is our job to get to the heart of the issue, find out exactly how much is owed, and discuss payment with you. The IRS offers many different options for a settlement, such as installment plans and negotiated settlements. With an experienced tax consultant, you can relax while we negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf.

It is our goal to reach a tax settlement on your behalf. However, if it is necessary, we may make use of tax litigation services to provide you with specialized assistance.

Did You Receive an IRS Notice? We Can Help

When you receive an IRS notice, you may feel panicked or uneasy. However, many letters from the IRS can be dealt with quite easily. Not every letter or notice holds bad news.

Many specify what the IRS did with your account, what the tax agency has received, or what the IRS has on file. These letters typically cover a very specific issue, and this issue can usually be resolved directly with the help of a qualified tax accountant from our firm.

For manageable solutions to an IRS notice, seek the assistance of one of our tax professionals. We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to clarify the issue and seek a resolution.

Tax Litigation in St. Louis, MO

Assisting Our Clients with Tax Litigation Services

With our services, you do not go into tax litigation alone or unprepared. We are here to advise you and offer essential tax litigation services. Our goal is to provide expert advice to our clients, allowing you to fully comprehend your tax situation. To help you with litigation, our tax accounting firm provides the following services:

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Business Evaluations
  • Damage Calculations

Tax Accountant & Enrolled Agent

Let us help you navigate the maze of a tax settlement. Our tax accountants know how the IRS works, how to negotiate with them, and how to resolve your tax concerns. We even have tax accountants who can represent you before the IRS with a tax issue. These accountants are known as Enrolled Agents, and they have the training and credentials to appear before the IRS on your behalf. When you are undergoing tax litigation, an Enrolled Agent can be integral to the process.

Tax Settlement Requires Economic Hardship

Our tax accountant will work with you to clarify the issue the IRS has with you and, if necessary, negotiate a tax settlement. The IRS will only accept an Offer in Compromise or reduced settlement if you cannot pay what is owed within a reasonable time or if you can prove that paying the full amount would cause you economic hardship. Count on our tax professionals to help you find a workable resolution to your tax issues.

At Sederburg & Associates, every visit pays. Our tax litigation services help our customers get their tax issues handled quickly and efficiently. We are proud to serve St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, and Wentzville, MO.